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Free “Spoken” Kannada course.

About ‘Kannada Gothide’

‘Kannada Gothide’ was started in November 2019 and has reached over 1700+ people who have benefitted from it.

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If you are interested,
✓ Step1: Install telegram app (ignore if you have)
✓ Step2: Register using the below link and join the group by clicking on the telegram link provided after completion of registration.
Register: https://forms.gle/ewnbsc1Eh2L3CwNV6
Also, share the opportunity with your friends who might be interested.

How will it help me?

✓ Become an impressive polyglot.
✓ Increase your cultural awareness.
✓ Get to do something more than just work during these unexpected and possibly monotonous Work From Home days.
✓ Feel inclusive like a family in the society around us here in Bengaluru.

What is the mode of learning?

Telegram group (we have migrated from WhatsApp)

How often are the classes going to be?

Every weekend

What is the structure of the lessons?

Every weekend, structured lessons (in English) will be posted (starting from the very basics) with Vocabulary, examples, conversations, and pronunciation.
On a few weekends, there will be fun quizzes to evaluate and help learn & remember in a better way.

Are the class going to be live?

No. We wanted to make this as easy as possible for you. We understand that not all of you in a batch will be available at a common time for a live class. The lessons will be posted in the telegram group each weekend. You can choose to learn at any time that is convenient for you and learn it throughout the week.

How long is the course?

Around 5 months, including the lessons and quizzes.


Read about what our students from the previous batches have to say!

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Personal Experience Stories

Though I can understand kannada.. I am not confident enough to speak but nowadays in the grocery store or with the vendors I started speaking confidently. It will be definitely helpful to interact with my students. Planning to learn kannada bajans and teach my students. Thanks a lot” – Ananthi Hariharan

“Be a Roman when you are in Rome. I am an ardent believer of the saying. Of course learning the local language helps in many ways and becoming closer to the local communities.”Ammbika P

“I am Hemanth from Mysore, I know Kannada, but my girlfriend from Hyderabad, she don’t know Kannada. You people helped me to teach her, after your classes, I was taking revisions classes to my girlfriend. Thank you 😊 Regards, Hemanth”Hemanth

“Yeah now I will not be embarrassed if someone asks why didn’t u learn Kannada being in Bangalore for these long years” Aarthi salunkey

I have a gardener near my layout whom I couldn’t communicate at all, coz he knows only Kannada and Telugu and I don’t know both. Now I am able to make him understand what I want 😀” – Vidya Sreeram

“I think I was in a position to argue better with a cab driver regarding the route he was taking to reach my destination After arguments he took the shortest route to reach my destination”Aniruddh Roy

“Helps me to talk to my maid, vegetable vedors fluently with proper grammer” Sujanitha

“I’m able to now manage auto driver calls and delivery persons calls without much problem”Sriram Krishnamurthy

It was easy to understand & respond when dealing with maids, helpers, phone calls in Kannada etc. Thank you. The confidence we received is more important.” – Ananthi Chandra Kannapiran

“It helps me in talking to my friends :D”Sreeja. R

“Yes. My colleague recently commented that I spoke good without my native language slang”Charulatha Varadarajan

“Yes, it has definitely helped me to understand the language in a group conversation while distribution of ration kits and other service activities that we took up over last 4 months from Rotary Lakeside. Nowadays I always look forward to opportunities to converse in Kannada.”Jayanta Tewari

“I love watching movies in any language but by watching subtitles and without any knowledge of that language doesn’t give 100% satisfaction .🤗🤗now I can watch Kannada movies without subtitles”Akhila

“I am currently getting interiors done, but made sure that I spoke in Kannada with whomever I can so that I can put to practice whatever I learnt from this platform. Many thanks to Deepak and Vidhya.”Vijay B

“It will help me in communicating with my to be in laws :)”Nikhil Ranjan

“Yes. I practice it now with my colleagues. At my neighbour hood wherever get a chance. I Try to speak in local language at vegetable and grocery shops.”Rakesh Kumar

“Helps me in exploring Karnataka, communicating with the natives and learning about their wonderful culture” Navin S